Little Avalon Herbals is a boutique gift and crystal shop in Colville, WA, featuring a full line of all natural personal care products, crystals, plants, essential oils, boho skirts, eco friendly products and an eclectic offering of unique gifts.

Started as a way to create healthy options for our children, all our products are made with natural ingredients.  We use no fragrance oils, lab made colorants, phthalates, parabens or complicated sounding ingredients.  We strive for low or no waste and seek out local sources where possible.  I, Megan, wildcraft many of the herbs used from my local area and slow infuse the herbal oils with organic ingredients.

Soap with a Heart

We believe community is everything.  When the members of our community are strong, cherished and loved, the community is strong.  For every 10 bars of soap sold here, we donate one bar to our local Rescue Mission in Addy, Washington.  We also give back where possible through our community group, Stevens County United, where you can get involved too if you’d like.

Meet the Soaping Crew

We’re Rob, Megan and four kids Kutchman, plus a passel of goats that shall not be counted. 😅  Rob is a volunteer firefighter, EMT and problem solver extraordinaire who keeps everything together.  Megan, who can’t sit still for long, is a homeschooling mom, author, goat herder, dog pack leader, soap maker and master dabbler.  We live life with our kids, so where possible (or interested), they’re every bit as involved in the process of creating/farming/crafting/building as we are.

The goats that provide the milk for our soap are raised here on our farm.  I know them all by name and can identify many by the sound of their voice.  They live on lush pasture all season long and are raised holistically, with no conventional inputs – herbal remedies and whole health emphasis are how we do things around here.

Take a look around our store and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.  I hope you’ll enjoy your visit!