Herbal Hair Tea, A Rinse with Nettle and Horsetail


I’ve used this rinse off and on for years.  To make it, I forage for nettle and horsetail herbs, then slow dry in ambient temperatures.  The best way to extract the silica and mineral properties of horsetail is through vinegar, so the horsetail spends some quiet time–6 weeks or more–in the company of organic raw apple cider vinegar.   The nettle is slow steeped overnight in pure distilled water to gently infuse its hair loving properties into a tea.  These are combined with organic hydrosols and essential oils to create an all natural alternative to conditioner.

To use this hair tea, wash as normal, then pour hair tea into your cupped hand or a small cup and apply thoroughly to wet hair.  I like to leave it in; the vinegar smell evaporates and leaves behind only the hydrosol and essential oil scents.  You can leave it in for 1-2 minutes and rinse completely away as well.


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Net weight: 16 ounces.  Comes in a reusable amber glass bottle.

Ingredients: wildcrafted nettle infusion, wildcrafted horsetail in organic raw apple cider vinegar, distilled water, hydrosol and essential oil for scent.


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