Meli Wraps Beeswax Food Wraps 3-Pack


Keep food safe and stylish with these zero waste, plastic free beeswax food wraps.  I love using them for packing snacks and sandwiches in my lunch here at the shop.  There is something almost magical about unwrapping a parcel of food held safe in such beautiful wraps.

This 3-pack includes one each of sizes small (7″x7″), medium (10″x10″) and large (10″x16″).  Wraps are made of organic cotton coated in a special blend of Hawaiian beeswax, tree resin, organic coconut and jojoba oil.  They have a very light, mild scent that doesn’t impact food.  Care is easy: wash with mild dish soap, rinse with cool water and line dry.  Wraps should last for up to 150 washes.

In the last photo, you get a glorious insight into my own lunch box. 😅 The one on the left is the large sized wrap and it’s holding 2 burritos.  The right side is the medium, large enough to hold 4 large chocolate chip cookies – hey, don’t judge, they’re homemade at least! 😁 The small is perfect for covering a 2 cup Pyrex bowl.


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