Slavic Folklore Lenormand, an Indie Deck by Faina Lorah


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Not all fairy tales end happily, especially if a deathless king, a cannibalistic witch, and a three-headed dragon are involved. Enjoy a dark and fascinating experience through the world of the Slavic Folklore Lenormand. Discover a compendium of mythological creatures in this 36-card variation of the Petit Lenormand deck.

Learn about the delightfully macabre characters and customs of ancient Slavic lore, presented alongside vintage-styled oil paintings by Russian-born artist Faina Lorah. This deck is a perfect companion to The Skull Lantern, a book by Faina Lorah that provides a contemporary perspective on traditional Russian folklore meant to be treasured by a new generation.

Includes 36 poker-size cards with original hand-painted designs. 7 instructional cards with keywords, meanings, and fun facts. A beautiful tuck box, postcard, and note from the artist. This makes for a very unique gift or a nice treat for yourself. Perfect for beginners, and experts who are looking for a fun twi