Smoky Quartz Tumbled Stones Large


Smoky quartz is such a mysterious stone, inviting one’s mind to wander into the dark recesses where adventure awaits.

These stones are large sized and average 1″-1.5″ in length.  They’ll make a great pocket stone or part of an arrangement/grid, just be sure not to have quartz in direct sunlight.

You will receive one stone per quantity ordered.  Photo is a general representation of colors and sizes but you will receive a random one.

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Smoky quartz is said to neutralize negative energy, counteract effects of EMF, protect the home from negative energy, help release negative emotions, used for protection in grids.  I use smoky quartz in conjunction with shungite, black tourmaline and orgonite in strategic locations around our home as an overall protection from EMF.

We likely have more in stock than is listed here so shoot me a message if you need more!

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